Our company exists on the market since 2013. From the beginning, we have been selling various accessories for storing toys: from very capacious Toy Bags and Spacy Bags for stuffed animals to Colorful Pockets for small items. We run own online store and we also sell on internet platforms such as,, We carry out shipments to all corners of Europe.

We design all products ourselves and our children test them for us. By focusing on the highest quality we use only first-class fabrics and we pay close attention to the execution of our accessories - each order is subject to quality check before shipping. Thanks to this we have no problems with complaints - defective products do not come back to us, because they are not there!

If possible we are open to your wishes. Several patterns are the ideas of ​​our clients, which was later introduced into production.

We value your time and the shopping security. We deliver all shipments immediately.

Made in Poland.

made in poland 



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The Momo products are limited edition articles for storing toys. Created with passion: for kids and... parents.