Momo Toy Bag

Momo Toy Bag - a simple way to store toys such as: Lego, Duplo and matchboxes. After using easy to hide quickly.

toy bag momobag Lego storage Lego bag toy bag 

momobag toybagtoy storage

toybag zabaworek lego storagetoy storage

Spacy Bag

Pouf for soft toys - helps organize stuffed animals and dolls at the same time serving as the seating pouf. Zippered mesh panel make the toys visible.

spacy bag pouf spacy bag toy storage container for toys

Color Pocket

Color pocket for storing puzzle, Lego set, crayons. You can also use it to store cards, figures and other little things that get lost easily.

color pocket color pockets toy storage container for toys

color pockets color pockets toy storage

Momo Mini Bag

A perfect solution for a trip - Mini Bag will hold your child's necessities. Useful also in the house - it can hold small amounts of blocks and other toys.

momobag minibag minibag mini bag

Momo Midi Bag

Perfect toy storage for smaller collection of bricks, dolls and cars. This allows your child to keep their favorite toys in one place.

momobag midibag midibag momo momobag




The Momo products are limited edition articles for storing toys. Created with passion: for kids and... parents.