Toy Storage

Get rid of the Kids clutter with our toy storage solutions. Your children have more and more toys but the house lacks of space to keep them all? We create unique solutions for storing toys that will solve your problem. Small containers, large storage bins and big toy bags accommodate all the accessories needed for Child's play. We have the secret to make clean up fun and easy. Cleaning up after play will become a reall pleasure!

A large toy bag to store blocks or other toys. Kids' Storage Bins. Toys orgnaizers. Poufs for stuffed animals. Articles designed with care, made from the finest materials are unique, nice and functional. Try one of our kids bedroom ideas


Momo Toy Bag XL

The original Momo Toy Bag made from high quality durable material. Drawstring with stopper. The Toy Bag has an internal pocket for small items. On the outside of the bag pocket for the excess string after folding. Diameter 110 cm. Momo Toy Bag enables to start Kid's play quickly and find the required elements in the blink of an eye. Cleaning up after Kid's play takes seconds - it folds up quickly and easily into flexible carry bag. Momo Toy Bag perfectly suited to store all Lego blocks,Little People, Playmobil, wooden blocks, matchbox, dolls, puppets, etc.

Toy Storage - Momo Toy Bag

Momo Toy Bag MIDI

Two-tone, quite extensive Momo Toy Bag Midi. Equipped with a cord with stopper. A handy carrying handles for carrying or to hang. Ideal for keeping smaller collection of blocks, toy cars, puppets, sets of kitchen ... The diameter of 80cm. Storing toys becomes easier..

Momo Toy Bag Med

Momo Toy Bag MINI

Soft kids toy box is ideal for trips, tours, picnics. Indispensable for holiday trips or visits to grandma - it will fit in all most needed toys and other items of our kid. Made of durable material with color inserts. Tight closure prevents that nothing falls outside. Holder adjusted to the child's hand.

Momo Toy Bag Mini

Spacy Bag

Made of a soft, pleasant to touch material. SpacyBag pouf toy storage designed to keep various kinds of toys. At the top flap made from strong mesh with zipper. It enables easy access to toys. Very roomy. It accommodate many stuffed animals and dolls belonging to our children. A packed pouf is ideal for sitting and rolling around!

toy storage - spacy bag

Color Pockets

Colourful pocket is used to store Lego sets, puzzles, crayons, dolls, PollyPocket, children playing cards, etc. It has vinyl or mesh window that enables to see the contents without the need to open it check what's inside. Protects little things from getting lost easily.

toy bin - color pockets

Block Storage Boxes

Our "blocks storage boxes" are flexible and when filled with toys they do adapt to the place where they are stored. These kids toy boxes allow quick access to the toy and after the kid's play are fast clear up kids clutter.These delightful Lego storage are perfect for any child's bedroom or play room.

Toys Storage Bins

We offer toy storage that will keep order in your kids room. Colorful baskets for toys are pretty, functional and are some kind of kids room furniture. Large toy bins can accommodate a lot of stuffed animals, Lego bricks and wooden blocks. These toys storage are ideal to store the toys when they are not used by children. Our toys containers can also serve as a decorative element of the room. Toy bin has a grip by which it can be easily moved. But when we do not use it now, we can very easily fold it and stow. Such capacious toy basket will allow your kid to pick up all the little things that remained on the floor after children's play. A child can learn how to keep room clean knowing that after play all toys need to be put back into the toy storage like toy bag, toy bin or spacy bag. We have 6 ways to organize your child’s toys.