klocek i kredka zabaworek
klocek i kredka zabaworek „And that brings me to the genius bag. Almost all of the blocks sit in it while having fun. Little to collect. One move - pulling strings - blocks are 'hidden'. It's not a box, basket - Kid brings it everywhere by himself. In addition, a bag will fit under the bed, into the closet, behind the door - almost anywhere because its shape is formable. And looks really great! (...)”

zabaworek szkraby
zabaworek szkraby „A convenient, easy to store and roomy toy bag works out not only at home but also during a trip. Tight closure does not allow to fall toys out of the bag and due to a strong fabric you can enjoy the bag for a long time.”

zabaworek Every mom has her own way to keep order in child's room. It is a great Polish product. Inside pocket is very helpful for storing various small objects ... Child ended play, started other activities so I just....

Pani Gadzet - TVN Style
zabaworek mnz
zabaworek mnz A phone call from friends they will arrive in 20 minutes is no longer scary to me;) I'm pulling down the [lego bag] cord, really long cord and ready. Additional pocket to hide the cord after rolling - I do not fault anything -manufacturer thought of every detail. Obviously, this is not always the case that boys are playing only on it but I really "fell in love" with this gadget."

zabaworek dzieci_sa_wazne
zabaworek dzieci_sa_wazne Extremely practical. When domestic order turns into a toy mess and unidentified blocks dig into feet while walking, this is the time to reach for parental patents. Today we present to you one of them - TOYBAG. Tested on children's mess... Once you buy a big sack for a whole bunch of blocks, you will desire a few more smaller ones for other odds and ends. Because Momo shows tremendously easy solutions. The ones that whole bunch of duties ceases to be a problem in... ten seconds. I hope more such solutions are in our life!

zabaworek olivia
zabaworek olivia Bob the Builder. Building with blocks is a passion of many kids. But it is hard to find a good place for them. This will facilitate the capacious bag that is also comfortable mat to play on."

Momo toy bag
Momo toy bag Kids can see exactly what they have rather than rummaging through a huge box and to gather it all up you simple pull the strings. Yay!



The Momo products are limited edition articles for storing toys. Created with passion: for kids and... parents.